Behind the scenes

How this project came about

DANDELIONs GEAR – or rather this blog – was created as a learning-by-doing project. I wanted to learn how to work with WordPress, and got a bit carried away in the process.

This site is a side project of ResinRapture. That’s not only the name of my main blog but also my user name on several doll forums.

Sewing and creating for my dolls has always been great fun. And thanks to a lot more time during lockdown I started to experiment with dye. Tie dyes, dip dyes, gradient dyes, dyes in combination with painted ornaments. There’s a lot you can do with fabric, a bowl, water and some pigments. Like making a real mess and enjoy the surprise element of tie dyes. As a result of all the fun most of my dolls are proud owners of an original DANDELIONs GEAR shirt.

Thank you, have a lovely day!

Dandelion, Karla & Me