Sizes, fit and materials


Every item will come with a size information box like this.

The size the item is designed for is shown first and bold. Acceptable fits are listed after the target size.

The droplet means the item is pre-washed to avoid shrinkage and stains.
The symbol with the arrow means FU-friendly change. The item can be put on by pulling it over the bottom upwards.

Most of DANDELIONs GEAR alternative doll clothing is designed for Iplehouse FID dolls. There will be the occasional nYID/SID/EID shirt, but for the most part the clothes are MSD sized. Raccoon and JID girls can share the shirts, check the pictures below to see how the fit looks.

For doll measurement chart click here

Women’s shirts

Dandelion’s girl shirts…

…can be put on bottom upwards or over the head.

…don’t have a slit in the back. You can turn them back to front for a higher neckline or just a different look.

…have a feminine slim fit and tight sleeves.

Model: Raccoon
Rear view women’s shirt
JID girl wearing turned shirt

Men’s shirts

Men’s shirts come in three different sizes: Iplehouse FID Muscle, Model and JID boy. Please see item description to make sure it’s the right size.

Dandelion’s men’s shirts…

…have a slit in the back.

…have a comfy regular fit.

… come with variations of cuffs and collars.


Most DANDELIONs GEAR clothes are made from cotton jersey or cotton. We select the fabrics carefully and only use new fabric of good quality. The hand dyed items are first sewn and then dyed with expert fabric dye. As a result every single dyed shirt is one of a kind. All clothing items have been washed at least twice to make sure the color does not bleed.

The wigs are Tibetan lambskin wigs made to fit Iplehouse FID women. The colors used to dye them might not be entirely lightfast and fade with time and exposure to sun light. They should not be worn without a wig cap.