Who is Dandelion?

Dandelion Dante and her sister Karla started out with a stall selling alternative fashion and jewelry. They traded at music festivals around the world and traveled wide and far in their camper van. Some years later they started to create and make their own clothing line. DANDELIONs GEAR was born…

So much for the fictional part. It’s all true, but Dandelion and Karla are dolls. Yes, you read right.

They are Iplehouse FID dolls, part of my ever growing resin family. Every member comes to life with their own individual character, background story and style.

The stories of Dandelion & Karla Dante, their shop DANDELIONs GEAR and their personal style took shape in my imagination before they even made their way from Korea to their future home. More about my doll family at ResinRapture.

The shirts and other items however are very real. There will be items for sale as soon as I have produced some more, and I plan to set up an Etsy shop. For now this is just a website to accompany the story of Dandelion and Karla, but at some point DANDELIONs GEAR will be for real.